Apex Legends Patch Notes Update

Apex Legends Patch Notes Update

There's a lot tinier stuff that didn't fit above, so let's dive into a grab bag of Apex Legends tips and techniques that we've gleaned from our own experience as well as Twitter and Reddit.

• Other players, deathboxes, and Caustic's gas traps can all block doors. If you're caught behind a door that won't open (as long as it's on hinges and not a sliding door), you have a few options: You can use explosives and melee assaults to break down doors.

• Speaking of which, Caustic's gas traps may be destroyed without setting them off: Shoot the trap's foundation (the red part below the inflated black gas tank).

• You've undoubtedly found out that Legends can use the jump button to mantle up and over low barriers like railings (X on PS4, A on Xbox One, space on PC). However, jumping up to higher areas that appear to be out of reach, as well as scaling some walls and cliff sides, is feasible. Try holding the jump button – as long as there are ledges or something to grip onto, you should be able to continue ascending (it helps to keep your weapons holstered). Oh, and if you get to the top of a wall, you can hang there and look over it without having to jump over it.

• Sniper scopes: How to Use Them Because Apex Legends has bullet drop, you'll have to adjust with your aim if you wish to strike distance targets. On a ranged scope, the numbers adjacent to the hash marks correlate to distance (in hundreds of meters). When you look through a scope, you'll see a real-time measurement of the precise distance between you and anything you're looking at. You may combine these two components to snipe at long range with precision: If an adversary is 190 meters distant, aim above it such that the scope's "2" line, rather than the crosshairs, lands on its head. (You can see how the system works in this video from YouTuber jackfrags.)

• In Apex Legends, there are two sorts of resupply pods that appear from the sky. You may summon a Care Package using Lifeline's ultimate ability, which arrives quickly and always contains three defense-oriented items (e.g., armor, Shield Batteries). The game will spawn a Supply Drop a few times during each match. These craft travel at a considerably slower rate to the ground, and they have the potential to carry deadly weapons. The Kraber.50-caliber sniper rifle and the Mastiff shotgun are the only Legendary weapons presently available in the game, and they can only be obtained through Supply Drops. (There is no ammunition for these anywhere; you get what you get when you pick them up.) The only difference between the two types of pods is the accent color at the top edge: blue for Care Packages and red for Supply Drops.

• While we're on the subject of Lifeline, here's an idea: Allow any member of your squad to take up an Ultimate Accelerant. There's a risk in summoning a Care Package - it's visible and audible from afar — but it's worth it to give Lifeline as much time as possible to use her ult, because defensive gear is nearly always beneficial. (Note that the Ultimate Accelerant is a consumable item that must be used after opening your inventory.)

• In Apex Legends, there are Legendary (gold) variations of four different categories of player gear in addition to weapons and accessories. They're not as powerful as the Epic (purple) variants, but they each have a different passive benefit. The Legendary Helmet shortens the duration of your tactical and ultimate skills' cooldowns. Pulling off a finisher fully regenerates your armor, which is a less beneficial benefit of the Legendary Body Shield. The Legendary Knockdown Shield, on the other hand, grants you one self-revive (when you're downed, not dead). The Legendary Backpack also decreases the time it takes to utilize healing goods in half.

• Apex Legends uses auditory and visual cues in combat to convey a lot of information. The damage numbers that climb over opponents, for example, are color-coded. A yellow number will appear if you hit someone in the head. According on the type of armor an adversary is wearing, damage statistics for body shots can arrive in four colors: purple for Legendary or Epic shields (up to 100 more HP), blue for Rare shields (up to 75 extra HP), white for Common shields (up to 50 extra HP), and red for no shields. You'll hear a shattering sound after you've taken down an enemy's armor; use it as a cue to assault their location and finish them off. Apex Legends' fallen condition is extremely forgiving. Attacking, reviving teammates, and sprinting are the only things you can't do when bleeding out. You can still crawl about – at a reasonable speed, no less — and use doors as well as travel through Wraith's portals. If you're under fire, holding up a Knockdown Shield can keep you alive for a while. But, most crucially, you may still utilize pings in this condition. Keep pinging enemy positions if you're down but not out to offer your squadmates a greater chance of survival!

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